Stefane Bazin ACP

After high school and university, I started my career in paramedicine almost by accident. In 2006, I attended the Manitoba Emergency Services College (MESC) with full intent on becoming a firefighter. During my educational journey, I was told I would need Primary Care Paramedic training if I was interested in joining the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS). As this was my goal, I took the PCP training along with the fire training at MESC. I immediately found paramedicine to be very interesting, I joined the WFPS in 2007 as an ambulance paramedic. This proved to be challenging but quite rewarding and very enjoyable. It was definitely the career for me! A few years later, I was accepted into the WFPS's internal Advanced Care Paramedic training program and, in 2013, started my practice as an ACP. I continue to work with the WFPS, along the way, I was fortunate enough to have several roles: I rode as a bicycle paramedic, I was an instructor for a PCP program, I practiced for 5 years as a community paramedic, and I helped create and manage the Paramedic Grand Rounds educational group. More recently, I started work as a "Paramedic Practitioner" with WFPS - riding around in an SUV assisting crews with more complex calls and in 2022, I joined STARS as an Air Medical Crew Critical Care Paramedic to continue to expand my role on both fixed wing and HEMS. I've always had an interest in paramedic education and research. For this reason, I decided to join the PEP team to help bring more knowledge and research to paramedic practice.