"I grew up in a small town called Orillia, Ontario in which I stayed through high school. I joined the Canadian Forces out of high school and I was posted to Petawawa, Ontario as an infantryman. I was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2006, while there I was exposed to many traumatic injuries, my complete lack of knowledge and inability to manage these injuries lead me to a career pursue a career in paramedicine. The Canadian Forces offered to pay for a college diploma after leaving the military in 2009 and I attended CTS college in Barrie, Ontario and received my PCP diploma with honors. Out of school the job market was poor in Ontario so I decided to accept a job with a private ambulance service in Whitbourne, Newfoundland. I worked there for my first nine months as a PCP and thoroughly enjoyed myself working in a small community and impacting the lives of the people I shared a community with. Unfortunately based on economics I was forced to leave for Alberta in September of 2012. I worked for a small rural ambulance service here for three months before applying to Calgary Metro EMS. Luckily I was accepted and worked my way into a full time position after only two months of part time employment. I have been working in Calgary since, in the mean time I have begun instructing a PCP program at a college in Calgary and I have also started my Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences through Thompson River's University in British Columbia. I will be starting my ACP program this coming spring."