Matthew Simpson MSC, Paramedic Specialist

Matthew is currently employed as a Paramedic Specialist - Intensive and Extended Care, seeing his clinical scope of practice incorporating low acuity point of care, treat and discharge through to intensive care. Matthew resides in rural NSW with much majority of his career having been in rural and remote NSW. Matthew is a patient focussed clinician, delivering holistic health care to patients through the incorporation of clinical care, advocating for patients and referral to health and social networks. Matthew has focussed interests in paramedic practice to include community paramedicine, rural practice and mental health research. Matthew has completed Bachelor in Emergency Management, Bachelor in Clinical Practice (Paramedic), Masters Degree in Paramedical Science – Community Paramedicine and is currently studying a Master of Philosophy focussing on delivery of clinical care to mental health consumers. Matthew has represented paramedicine in roles to include the Future Health Leader Council, Paramedics Australasia National Board and National Rural Health Alliance Australia. Matthew identifies the challenges faced in the current and future multigenerational workforce, being committed to ongoing development of paramedic's, through diversification of clinical scope practice, methods of service delivery and integration into multidisciplinary health teams.