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Paramedic Mini-Cat Bank

After forming a clinical query & evaluating the relevant evidence, learners from the Paramedic-Evidence Based Practice Course write a CAT - a Critically Appraised Topic. Mini-CATs are 1-2 page concise synopses on paramedic care. A second party appraiser partners with the author to evaluate the CAT. Their mini-CAT will become part of this Paramedic CAT bank. The CAT Bank is a learning resource for all paramedics to search and refer to. Paramedic mini-CATs are evidence-based clinical appraisals.

TopicTitleAuthorDate Added
Adverse EventsParamedics insert ‘dirty’ IVsHelene HansenNov 29, 2021
Airway ManagementThe Use of Ketamine Only Breathing Intubation vs Rapid Sequence Intubation in First Pass Intubation Success Without Hemodynamic CompromiseJIBC ACPs Oct 30/Nov 1 23Nov 27, 2023
Airway ManagementIs using a metered dose inhaler and spacer (MDI+S) superior to using a nebulizer when delivering Ventolin?ACPs Medavie Health EDNov 07, 2023
Airway ManagementMagill Forceps Use In FBAOACP Holland Collefe Sept 2023Sep 11, 2023
Airway ManagementPrehospital supraglottic airway placement by paramedics: Does it improve outcome in paediatric trauma patients?Liam LevyNov 29, 2021
Airway ManagementPrehospital First-Pass Success Rate of Intubations using Video Laryngoscopy (VL) compared to Direct Laryngoscopy (DL)Haugh, Nadeau, King, Forgie, Lepp, Klingner, ACPNov 17, 2021
Airway ManagementPre-hospital Use of Abdominal Thrusts to Treat FBAONicholas Demers, PCP Student, Fanshawe CollegeMar 11, 2021
Airway ManagementAdvanced Airway Management in medical OOHCA: a comparison between Supraglottic Airways (SGA), Endotracheal Intubation (ETI) and SurvivalJIBC, ACP Students, February 2021Feb 10, 2021
Airway ManagementThe Efficacy of Endotracheal Intubation compared to Supraglottic AirwaysMark Debrouwer, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
Airway ManagementHow is mortality affected in patients who are sedated prior to intubation when they have a significantly decreased GCS?Heather Johnston, ACP Student, BCFeb 24, 2020
Airway ManagementIn prehospital patients undergoing endotracheal intubation by EMS, does the use of a bougie on first attempts lead to improved survival when compared with the use of a stylet and ET tube.Frans Kouwenhoven, ACP StudentFeb 19, 2020
Airway ManagementAdvanced care paramedic intubation with the use of neuromuscular blockers (RSI) vs intubation without the use of neuromuscular blockers and associated success rates.Colin MacEachern, ACP Student, Holland CollegeDec 12, 2019
Airway ManagementDelayed sequence intubation is superior to rapid sequence intubation in the hypoxic patientPaige McCartneyDec 10, 2019
Airway ManagementVideo-assisted laryngoscopy has a greater success rate than direct laryngoscopyTroy ReidNov 13, 2019
Airway ManagementEndotracheal Intubation versus supraglottic airway placement in out-of-hospital cardiac arrestMorag MacDonaldAug 28, 2018
Airway ManagementAssessing the Safety and Success Rate of Pre-Hospital Rapid Sequence Intubation When Performed by Non-Physician Health Care Providers.Anthony KowalczykAug 27, 2018
Airway ManagementRSI vs. non-RSI in pre-hospital first-pass success ratesCasey ForslundAug 27, 2018
Airway ManagementPrehospital Endotracheal Intubation in patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injuryMark GradyAug 27, 2018
Airway ManagementEndotracheal intubation following the bag valve mask (BVM) when assisting ventilations for a pediatric patient.Martha HelmersAug 27, 2018
Airway ManagementThe use of video laryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy by paramedics in the pre-hospital settingCaleb CummingsAug 27, 2018
Airway ManagementPrehospital Intubation Securing MethodsAlex Shaw ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Airway ManagementPre-hospital Rediatric Endotracheal IntubationLindsay McDonald, Resident;EMS rotationSep 23, 2013
Airway ManagementEffectiveness of Disposable ETCO2 Devices in Confirming Airway PlacementKirk SteevesSep 23, 2013
Airway ManagementParamedic-administered RSI for airway management in trauma patients.Lawrence Briand ACPSep 23, 2013
Airway ManagementThe impact of endotracheal tube holders in the pre-hospital setting on tube placement upon arrival at the ED.Ryan Brown PCP Nova ScotiaSep 15, 2009
Airway ManagementThe use of endotracheal intubation for prehospital patients with severe head injury.Alishia Ivany PCP Nova ScotiaMar 25, 2009
Airway ManagementImpact of single-use disposable versus metallic reusable laryngoscope blades on first attempt intubation in the adult respiratory arrest pre-hospital patientsFrancine Dillon ACP Nova ScotiaMar 18, 2009
AnalgesiaIs Fentanyl better than Morphine better than Ketamine for the management of pain in burn patientsJasmin PerryNov 29, 2021
AnalgesiaPrehospital pain reduction: A comparison between the analgesic effects of ketamine, morphine and fentanyl in traumatic injuriesIszijah JonesDec 11, 2020
AnalgesiaKetamine vs Fentanyl (A comparison of safety and effective analgesia)Allan Kaizer, ACP Student, Holland CollegeDec 12, 2019
AnalgesiaSafety and effectiveness of the use of Nitrous Oxide as analgesia for Primary Care Paramedics in the prehospital settingAdrian CharronAug 27, 2018
AnalgesiaPhysical and mental recovery with prehospital administration of narcotic analgesia in patients suffering from fracturesScott Hoyt, BA, ACPAug 27, 2018
AnalgesiaPhysical and mental recovery with prehospital administration of narcotic analgesia in patients suffering from fractures.Scott Hoyt, BA, ACPSep 16, 2014
AnalgesiaIn the prehospital patient population, does adjunctive use of low dose ketamine with a narcotic provide equal or better analgesia with an acceptable side effect profile?Nicholas Sowers, Resident EMS rotationSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaComparing the administration of Intranasal Fentanyl to the traditional standard of care, Intravenous Morphine.Robert A. Volpe BA, PCP(f), DHSA(Cand.)Sep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaDosage parameters for morphineStephen Leadlay ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaTreatment Options in Prehospital AnalgesiaStephen Leadlay ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaDelay in prehospital analgesia means longer delay in ER analgesiaStephen Leadlay ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaTylenol use for the Treatment of Febrile Adults by Triage Paramedics.Jen Greene ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaThe Use of Inhaled Methoxyflurane in the Prehospital SettingMatthew Morin PCPSep 23, 2013
ArrhythmiaIntravenous Adenosine Versus Intravenous Calcium Channel Antagonist for the Treatment of Supraventricular Tachycardia.Adam Fillier, ACP Student, Holland CollegeFeb 21, 2020
BurnsParamedics cannot accurately estimate burns and total body surface area (TBSA).Chloe Ann Bourke SubbiNov 13, 2019
BurnsPrehospital Utilization of the Parkland Burn FormulaChelsea GreeneAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestNeurological Outcomes of Prehospital Cardiac Arrests: Supraglottic Airways versus IntubationJIBC ACPs Oct 30/Nov 1 23Nov 27, 2023
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital nitroglycerin administration in acute coronary syndrome.Medavie ACP October 2023Oct 18, 2023
Cardiac ArrestCalcium Channel Blockers Vs. AdenosineACP Students Medavie Sept23Oct 03, 2023
Cardiac ArrestThe effectiveness of mechanical CPR devices versus hands-on CPR in pre-hospital adult cardiac arrestACP Students Medavie Sept23Oct 03, 2023
Cardiac ArrestDual sequential external cardiac defibrillation for refractory VF/pVT in OHCAACP Holland College Sept 2023Sep 21, 2023
Cardiac ArrestUse of Beta-2 agonists in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure with Pulmonary Edema.ACP Holland College Sept 2023Sep 11, 2023
Cardiac ArrestInvestigation of adverse effects associated with the use of nitrates in right ventricular myocardial infarctionACP Cohort, JIBCDec 19, 2022
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital IV Bolus-dose NTG for Pulmonary EdemaRuss LysterJun 06, 2022
Cardiac ArrestPatient Outcomes in Relation to the Administration of Epinephrine in Out of Hospital Cardiac ArrestsJenna Schade, PCP Student, Fanshawe, CollegeMar 28, 2022
Cardiac ArrestManual CPR vs. Mechanical CPR on Cardiac Arrest Patient OutcomesSam O’Neil, PCP Student, Fanshawe CollegeMar 28, 2022
Cardiac ArrestEffectiveness of Mechanical CPR in the Pre-Hospital SettingNicholas Di Cecco, PCP Student, Fanshawe CollegeMar 28, 2022
Cardiac ArrestThe effectiveness of mechanical CPR in a prehospital setting.Holland College ACP Students (4)Mar 15, 2022
Cardiac ArrestMechanical vs Manual compressionsNguyen, Gallant, Amirault, Lees, ACP StudentsNov 29, 2021
Cardiac ArrestContinuous compressions vs interrupted compressions in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.Colpitts, Menzies, Woodyard, Dorion, Selig, WardNov 17, 2021
Cardiac ArrestAdenosine versus calcium channel antagonists for treatment of supraventricular tachycardiaReese, Ryan, Michael, Matthew, Nic, Sarah, ACPNov 17, 2021
Cardiac ArrestTreatment-Seeking Delay in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients of sexual or ethnically diverse groupsKyle Boismier, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
Cardiac ArrestThe Effect of Prehospital Therapeutic Hypothermia on Cardiac Arrest OutcomeJad Hakim, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
Cardiac ArrestPost-resuscitation effects of administration of Epinephrine during a cardiac arrestMelanie Fong, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
Cardiac ArrestCardiac ArrestShuta Ando, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
Cardiac ArrestThe Effectiveness of Therapeutic Hypothermia on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest PatientsPrasanti Mahendrarajah, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
Cardiac ArrestStandard Valsalva vs. Modified Valsalva for Treatment of SVTSarah Aszalos, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
Cardiac ArrestPortable ECMO in the pre-hospital settingLisa Marie BailletteDec 11, 2020
Cardiac ArrestMechanical CPR vs. Manual CPR of Cardiac Arrest PatientsRylee Evans, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
Cardiac ArrestEarly IV epinephrine in OCHA presenting in VF/VTAlexander Hurst, ACP Student, BCFeb 21, 2020
Cardiac ArrestThe comparison of bag valve mask ventilation device vs Tracheal Intubation in out of hospital cardiorespiratory arrestHugh Spalla, ACP Student, Holland CollegeFeb 10, 2020
Cardiac ArrestSingle Syringe administration of Adenosine for SVTCari Evenson-Carleton, ACP Student, SaskatoonDec 19, 2019
Cardiac ArrestEfficacy and safety of prehospital diltiazem to treat rapid ventricular response associated with atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter.Christopher Draper, ACP Student, Holland CollegeDec 12, 2019
Cardiac ArrestProcainamide vs Amiodarone for the conversion of Stable Ventricular TachycardiaJoshua Caldwell, ACP Student, Holland CollegeDec 12, 2019
Cardiac ArrestContinuous compressions and positive resuscitation outcomesBrianna WilsonApr 12, 2019
Cardiac ArrestInterposed Abdominal Compression CPRDavid Egier, ACP OntarioMar 01, 2019
Cardiac ArrestTo transport or not to transport; The story of prehospital ECMO vs ED ECMODaniel Carvalho, ACP StudentDec 11, 2018
Cardiac ArrestThe prehospital use of epinephrine in cardiac arrest.Natalie Robillard, ACP StudentDec 11, 2018
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital Point of Care (POC) testing in ischemic chest painLyon Kengis, ACP StudentDec 11, 2018
Cardiac ArrestIs machine really better than man; out of hospital use of CPR device in cardiac arrestJustin Hynes, ACP StudentDec 11, 2018
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital administration of Naloxone during cardiac arrest due to suspected opioid overdoseChantal SamsonAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestMechanical CPR Vs. Manual CPR Pre-HospitalColton SchwindtAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestManual Vs Mechanical CPR and survivability Pre-HospitalSteven SpinneyAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestMechanical CPR Devices Versus Manual CPRJordan MillerAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestSurvival of prehospital cardiac arrest patients without return of spontaneous circulation on sceneIsabelle LoveAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestMeasuring Neurological Outcomes in Mechanical CPR versus Standard CPRBrian OliverAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestOutcomes of out-of-hospital defibrillation: manual vs. automatic defibrillatorsTanner PoorAug 28, 2018
Cardiac ArrestPre-hospital survival outcomes of patients suffering from a cardiac arrest treated with hypothermic therapy.Yasin KananiAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestEpinephrine: Lifesaving or Not?Spenser KeanAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestSuccess Rates Between Tibial and Humeral Intraosseous During Cardiac ArrestMichelle HarnishAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital double sequential defibrillationJack HaywardAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestEpinephrine in Cardiac Arrests and Neurological Outcomes Post Return of Spontaneous Circulation.Eric DemersAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestDoes Mechanical Compressions Provide Better Quality CPR Than Manual Compressions During Prehospital Transportation?Melissa FrenchAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestEfficacy of mechanical CPR devices versus manual CPR techniques on survival outcomesJonathan GorhamAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestEffects of increasing angle of patient positioning while performing CPR on perfusion.Scott BernaertsAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestThe Use of Cardiac Ultrasound by Paramedics During Pre-hospital Cardiac ArrestsMichael BrockAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestUse of Double Sequential Defibrillation in Prehospital Cardiac ArrestChris AltonAug 27, 2018
Cardiac ArrestMechanical CPR Devices.Adam Fisher, PCPSep 16, 2014
Cardiac ArrestDetermining the correct initial intervention: The relationship between early defibrillation and prolonged downtime for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (CA) patients.Mathieu Haché, ACPSep 16, 2014
Cardiac ArrestAddition of an Anti-Arrhythmic to Cardiac Arrest/Resuscitation SequenceJonathan Hesler ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Cardiac ArrestManual CPR Vs. Mechanical CPRMeghan Beals PCPJan 13, 2014
Cardiac ArrestDoes bystander CPR increase survival rates in sudden cardiac arrestJeff WaringSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestWaveform Capnography for ROSCMichel GravelSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestThe efficacy of mechanical compression devices versus standard CPR in the pre-hospital settingKaren Lutz ACPSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestOutcomes of prehospital resuscitation of traumatic vs. medical cardiac arrest patientsMadeleine Böhrer PCPSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital Arrest Cooling MethodsJen Greene ACP Nova ScotiaAug 01, 2012
Cardiac ArrestPrecordial Thump in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OOHCA)Jan Jensen ACP Nova ScotiaMar 18, 2009
Cardiac CareIn Patients Experiencing ST-Elevated MI, Does Administering Tenecteplase (TNK) in a Prehospital Setting Compared to Administration In-Hospital Improve the Chance of Survival for the Patient?ACP Cohort - Oulton College March 2024Apr 02, 2024
Cardiac CarePre-Hospital use of therapeutic beta-blocker in ACS patientsPhil McCormick, ACP StudentDec 11, 2018
Cardiac CareNitroglycerin treatment’s effect on mortality in patients experiencing AMI.Taylor PoirierAug 28, 2018
Cardiac CarePre-hospital thrombolysis and reduction of time to treatment in stroke patientsDavid LubbertsAug 28, 2018
Cardiac CarePrehospital use of IV vs SL nitrates for treatment of pain in patients presenting with ACSColton LeBlanc, PCP (ACP student)Aug 27, 2018
Cardiac CareAdenosine given to WPW patientsKyle Cunningham ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Cardiac CarePrehospital analgesia in the presence of suspected ACSStefan Zueff ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Cardiac CarePre-hospital Management of Unstable Angina; Sub-lingual Nitro vs.IV Nitro.Bruce CruickshankSep 23, 2013
ChartingDoes EMS Charting Accuracy Improve with Electronic Reporting?Philip CrowellSep 23, 2013
Commnity ParamedicineCommunity Paramedics are effective in delivering low acuity trauma care.Arin GinnNov 29, 2021
DislocationsPrehospital Reduction of DislocationsTara Wister, PCP Student, Fanshawe CollegeMar 28, 2022
DispatchEffectiveness of CPR instruction via Emergency Medical DispatchersJennifer RoseSep 23, 2013
EducationParamedic Preparedness Involving Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)Sonja De Bruyn, ACP Student, FanshaweMay 26, 2020
EducationBasic infection control knowledge and adherence in primary care paramedicsMeghan Lysko, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
EducationNutrition Education for ParamedicsJustin ShaverApr 12, 2019
EducationParamedic’s recognition of victims of human traffickingJessica CoulombeApr 12, 2019
EducationCan EMS learn to use Portable Ultrasound?Justin KirkpatrickAug 27, 2018
EducationEvaluation utilizing “think aloud” strategiesLaura Cole ACPSep 23, 2013
EducationEfficacy of Online Leaarning of Procedural SkillsAmber Humes ACPSep 23, 2013
EENTWill the prehospital topical administration of injectable Tranexamic acid decrease time to hemostasis and reduce the occurrence of rebleeding in adult patients experiencing epistaxis?Zach Fitzsimmons PCPNov 22, 2017
EnvironmentalPrehospital Moderate Hypothermia Management with Simple Invasive Active Internal Rewarming.Holly Lidstone, PCPSep 16, 2014
Extended CareAlleviating Emergency Department Strain: The Use of Extended Care Paramedics (ECPs) in the Pre-Hospital SettingAmy WintersAug 28, 2018
Extended CareThe interactions between paramedics and homeless patients and the implications on patient care providedAlyson CochraneAug 27, 2018
Geriatric CareParamedic student preparation for working with geriatric patientsMeredith Rimmer, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
Geriatric CareRisk of Falls in LTC secondary to MedicationsPeter Rose ACPSep 23, 2013
GIGravols Efficacy on Actively Vomiting PatientsJIBC Cohort Oct/Nov 2023Nov 15, 2023
GIUsing Metoclopramide versus Dimenhydrinate in the presence of opioid induced nausea or nausea and vomitingCharles LaversOct 31, 2019
GITreating nausea in the pre‐hospital setting, Zofran vs. Gravol.Kendra MacKenzie, PCPSep 16, 2014
GIOndansetron wafers for the Treatment of Nausea by Paramedics in TriageJen Greene ACPSep 23, 2013
HemorrhageEfficacy of Blakemore Tube in Achieving Hemostasis for Patients With Uncontrolled Esophageal Variceal BleedingJoel Connolly, CCPP StudentDec 07, 2021
HemorrhageStop the bleeding - pharmacological options for variceal bleedingRyan Fitzpatrick, CCPP StudentDec 07, 2021
ImmobilizationAdverse Events Relating to Prolonged Hard Collar ImmobilisationTeam Off-Collar, ACP GroupDec 06, 2022
ImmobilizationStudy of neck flexion with rigid collar vs soft collar; are there any benefits to patient comfort with soft collar useArlin Mundell, ACP Student, SaskatoonDec 12, 2019
ImmobilizationIs the Kendrick Extrication Device making a difference in patient outcome ?Ray DeCock, ACPSep 16, 2014
ImmobilizationFormation of Pressure Ulcers in Patients that require Spinal Immobilization.Stephen Ryan, PCPSep 16, 2014
ImmobilizationScoop stretcher vs. Long backboard in patients with suspected spinal injury.Stephanie Camp, PCPSep 16, 2014
ImmobilizationUtility of Spinal Board Immobilization in Minor TraumaTyler Johnston, PGY4, FRCP EM ResidencySep 23, 2013
ImmobilizationUtility of Spinal Board Immobilization in Minor TraumaTyler Johnston, PGY4, FRCP EM ResidencySep 23, 2013
ImmobilizationComparison of scoop stretcher vs. backboard for immobilization of suspected hip fracturesLorne Pierce PCP (ACP student) Nova ScotiaNov 13, 2009
Infectious DiseaseIncidence of infectious control procedures by paramedics vs. expected infectious control standardsBrooklynne Hertner, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
Infectious DiseaseImplementation of current infectious control practices in ParamedicsMarisa Ramalho, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
IPV - Intimate Partner ViolanceParamedics in a supportive role for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) victimsHashini Puwakgolle Mudiyanselage, Fanshawe CollegeMar 28, 2022
IV AccessStrategies to improve IV start success by paramedics in paediatric trauma patientsTara JacksonNov 29, 2021
LGBTQLGBTQ+ Education for ParamedicsJenna Desilva, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
MedicineUsing a mechanical pump infusion for IV drug infusions over Gravity (roller lock) IV infusion.Jarett BoutwellAug 27, 2018
OrthoParamedics can safely reduce dislocations in the prehospital settingMatt JefferyDec 11, 2020
OverdoseAluminum Phosphide Poisonings and the use of Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium SulphateAlexandra Haan, ACP Student, JIBCApr 09, 2020
OverdoseNaloxone administration in opiate overdoseAshley JohnsonAug 27, 2018
OverdoseIntranasal Naloxone versus Intravenous Naloxone in patients who have been exposed to higher potency opioidsJamie PetersAug 27, 2018
OverdoseSafety and Usefulness of Prehospital Narcan AdministrationHannah Archbutt: 2014 ACP studentJun 26, 2014
Pain ManagementComparison of the efficacy of IV Ketamine vs Fentanyl for treatment of acute pain.Jennifer, Rosalene, Taylor, Matt B., Mike, FergusNov 03, 2021
Pain ManagementFentanyl for use by ParamedicsNathan McIntyreAug 28, 2018
Pain ManagementClinical effectiveness of split dose Ketorolac in acute pain and renal colic patients.Kyle Fraser, Primary Care ParamedicAug 27, 2018
Pain ManagementDoes Fentanyl provide a safe and acceptable alternative to Morphine for prehospital analgesia?Jason Buckley PCP Nova ScotiaMar 24, 2009
PalliativeFamily Satisfaction with End-of-Life ProgramRandi Sheppard, ACP StudentFeb 19, 2020
PediatricMidazolam versus Diazepam in Resolving Seizure Activity in Pediatric PatientsNikita Menezes, PCP Student, Fanshawe CollegeMar 28, 2022
PediatricEffectiveness on Success Rates in Prehospital Intravenous Vascular Access Versus Intraosseous Infusions for Fluid Resuscitation in ChildrenNatasha D. MillsAug 28, 2018
PediatricThe effects of oxygen use on newborns during delivery.Thomas HendersonAug 27, 2018
PediatricPediatric Assessment and Diagnostic EquipmentMelissa Berry, ACPSep 16, 2014
PediatricUsing car seats as immobilization.Catherine Jotcham ACPSep 23, 2013
Pediatric IOPrehospital Use of Semiautomatic IO in the Pediatric PopulationNathalie Schindler Pediatric EM Resident, PGY 5Sep 23, 2013
PerinatalOxytocin use in un-planned out of hospital births to reduce post partum hemorrhage.Ramsey, Siluch, Whitman, Veinotte, Strayer, ACPNov 15, 2021
PerinatalPerimortem Cesarean Sections – Effective?Pauline Heelan, ACPSep 23, 2013
POCUSPoint of care ultrasound (POCUS) is an effective tool for paramedics in the diagnosis of abdominopelvic trauma.Jakeb MarianiNov 29, 2021
PreventionPrehospital Power Cots.Brandon Brown, PCPSep 16, 2014
PreventionFatigue in EMSJan Jensen ACPSep 23, 2013
PreventionPreventing Injuries in ParamedicsAaron MunroSep 23, 2013
RespiratoryUse of Magnesium Sulphate for treatment of COPD exacerbations.Joan MacNeil, CCPP StudentDec 07, 2021
RespiratoryParamedics perform non-invasive positive pressure ventilations poorly in trauma patients.Grace BuckNov 29, 2021
RespiratoryThe importance of non-invasive ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress for Pediatrics.Andrea DeMaere, ACP Student, Saskatoon, SKDec 16, 2019
RespiratoryThe effectiveness of giving magnesium sulfate as an adjunct medication in COPD exacerbated patientsRebecca Levy, ACP StudentDec 09, 2019
RespiratoryAn examination of the efficacy of ipratropium bromide when administered in conjunction with salbutamol for treating asthmatic patients in comparison to the efficacy of only administering salbutamol.Justin RastinApr 12, 2019
RespiratoryAre Ontario Paramedics able to Identify Lung SoundsAnthony Wesley-JamesAug 28, 2018
RespiratoryCPAP vs. BiPAP on patient outcomesTera LevasseurAug 27, 2018
RespiratoryPrehospital use of ipratropium bromide paired with salbutamol as treatment for shortness of breath.Lisa HendersonAug 27, 2018
RespiratoryPulmonary edema and CPAPMikaila BoonAug 27, 2018
RespiratoryCPAP vs Usual care for out of hospital severe Respiratory Distress PatientsCarlin MacKinnonAug 27, 2018
RespiratoryWill the prehospital administration of corticosteroids by Paramedics decrease hospital admission rates in the severely asthmatic adult patient?Zach Fitzsimmons PCPNov 10, 2017
RespiratoryFor moderate to severe asthmatic patients who receive steroids in the pre‐hospital setting versus those administered steroids in the hospital setting, have a shorter overall hospital stay.Mitchell Crossman ACPSep 23, 2013
ResuscitationThe influence of personal and professional biases and opinions in deciding to allow or deny family presence during resuscitation.Victoria Bennet, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
SedationPrehospital Sedation: Effectiveness of KetamineAlisha Brisson, PCP Student, Fanshawe CollegeMar 28, 2022
SedationIntranasal Midazolam vs Intravenous methods for prehospital paediatric sedationTim AllenNov 13, 2019
SedationPrehospital sedation of violent patientsMicheal Monardo ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
SeizuresLorazepam as pre-hospital treatment for seizuresPCP Oulton Sept 23Oct 10, 2023
SepsisBalanced Vs Normal Saline in SepsisZ Stlouis, Sclavet, S Rose - ACP Holland 2024Mar 11, 2024
SepsisDopamine versus Norepinephrine in Prehospital Septic Shock PatientsDillon Regular, ACP Student, Holland CollegeDec 12, 2019
SepsisRecognition of sepsis by paramedicsLogan BattagliaApr 12, 2019
SepsisOutcomes of sepsis patients in prehospital vs. in-hospital interventionJesse SheltonAug 28, 2018
SepsisParamedic’s recognition of sepsisLuke SlyszAug 28, 2018
SepsisPrehospital I.V. Antibiotics for Sepsis PatientsKerry PetersAug 27, 2018
ShockLiberal & Restrictive Fluid Resuscitation in Suspected Septic ShockPEBP Holland College Sept, 23Sep 11, 2023
ShockPrehospital Push Dose EpinephrineMatthew Dumaresque, CCPP StudentDec 07, 2021
ShockIntravenously Infused Vasopressors in Traumatic Haemorrhagic Shock – A Critically Appraised TopicMaya ChristopherDec 11, 2020
ShockMAP benchmark for permissive hypotension in hypovolemic shockRachel Munro, ACP Student, BCFeb 21, 2020
ShockThe Use of the Injury Severity Score and Shock Index in the field of paramedicineCameron CareyNov 13, 2019
ShockNorepinephrine vs Dopamine in ShockCalvin LuckAug 28, 2018
ShockDoes Primary care paramedic (PCP) can improve hemodynamically unstable patient with fluid loading.Mathieu April, PCP, CDAug 28, 2018
STEMI CareEarly prehospital administration of P2Y12 inhibitor Ticagrelor to STEMI patientsJIBC Cohort Oct/Nov 2023Nov 15, 2023
STEMI CareDoes routine application of defibrillation pads in STEMI patients that suffer OHCA result in reduced time to defibrillation and improved outcomes.Aaron McClure, ACP Student, BCFeb 10, 2020
STEMI CarePrehospital use of thrombolytics for STEMIMitch Kreutzer, ACP Student, SaskatoonDec 12, 2019
STEMI CareIV Beta-Blocker use in STEMIAdam MelbourneAug 28, 2018
STEMI CareTreating STEMI in the pre-hospital setting with a thrombolytic vs fibrinolytic drugMatthew PusateriAug 28, 2018
STEMI CareOutcomes of acute coronary syndrome patients administered nitro vs. traditional therapyBrittany D’AngeloAug 27, 2018
STEMI CareEffective Use of Thrombolytic Drug in Pre-Hospital EnvironmentJennifer BevanSep 23, 2013
STEMI CarePre-hospital administration of Plavix in STEMI PatientsRobert Leduc ACP OntarioNov 13, 2009
StretchersPowered Stretchers Versus Manual StretchersJoshua Neto, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
StrokeThe efficacy in implementing mobile stroke units/ambulances to allow for the prehospital administration of thrombolytics to patients experiencing acute ischemic cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs).Kevin Boismier, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
StrokeIn pre-hospital stoke patients, early hospital notification improves door to computed tomography (CT) scan.Mackenzie GoudeyAug 27, 2018
SystemsEffectiveness of the Community Paramedicine Program for frequent users of medical servicesDaniel Doummar, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 25, 2020
SystemsThe usage of CTAS scale in the field of paramedicineWilliam ChouApr 12, 2019
SystemsParamedics’ ability to triage patients using CTAS codesGavin MooreApr 12, 2019
SystemsPre-hospital emergency response times and patient mortalityLee Dunne, PCPJun 26, 2014
TraumaMortality Rates Based on Patients Who Receive TXA Prehospitally vs. in the Emergency DepartmentS. Hutchings, M. Coull, S. MacNeill, S. IttermanMar 19, 2024
TraumaIs Penthrox a viable alternative to more widely used prehospital analgesics for treating patients with moderate to severe pain caused by trauma?Medavie ACP October 2023Oct 18, 2023
TraumaFreeze-Dried Plasma in Prehospital Trauma PatientsACP Students Medavie Sept23Oct 03, 2023
TraumaOverview of Evidence for Crystalloid Fluid Administration in Major Trauma PatientsGroup 3 Nov 22 - ACP JIBCJan 26, 2023
TraumaParamedic Accuracy in Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma vs Radiologist Read Computed TomographyJason Tulk, CCPP StudentDec 07, 2021
TraumaA critical analysis of the accuracy and specificity of physical assessment in detecting pelvic fracture.Melanie DouglassNov 29, 2021
TraumaVasopressors are important to patient outcome in haemorrhagic shock.Mitchell TrethowanNov 29, 2021
TraumaPatient health literacy affects outcomes after major traumaCallum HannanNov 29, 2021
TraumaDoes pre-hospital ketamine administration improve outcomes in paediatric trauma patients?Cass LoNov 29, 2021
TraumaTrauma Team Training is Effective in Reducing Mortality and MorbidityElla AvdagićNov 29, 2021
TraumaImpact of controlled versus standard fluid administration in adult trauma patients.Simon Oliver, Savannah Rahey,Tanya Hisch ACP StudOct 29, 2021
TraumaComparison of Pediatric Trauma With and Without TXAD. McCullum, J. Sinclair, S. Kidson, S. Murray ACPJun 15, 2021
TraumaThe Efficacy of Prehospital Intubation on Outcome of Patients with a Traumatic Brain InjuryErin Lyons, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
TraumaDoes helicopter based EMS impact patient outcomes in trauma in rural areas?Hannah CleryDec 11, 2020
TraumaThe total Glasgow Coma Score (tGCS) is not a useful clinical tool in the assessment of patients presenting with traumatic injuriesCharlie GaddDec 11, 2020
TraumaA critical comparison of the efficiency and safety of a tourniquet and direct compression in extremity haemorrhageAmber DawsonDec 11, 2020
TraumaTrauma and Environmental Conditions in Paramedic PracticeElla Crough-HeatonDec 11, 2020
TraumaTranexamic acid has a role in polytrauma, but is it beneficial in traumatic brain injury?André PerkinsDec 11, 2020
TraumaNeck of femur fractures in elderly trauma increase morbidity and mortality.Sally SkiltonDec 11, 2020
TraumaTrauma and Environmental Conditions in Paramedic Practice.Drew YoungerDec 11, 2020
TraumaPre-hospital administration of antibiotics for compound fracturesCarol-Ann Bourdon, ACP StudentFeb 19, 2020
TraumaPre-hospital use of Rapid Sequence Intubation in adults with head injuries.Phillip Falcone, ACP Student, Holland CollegeDec 12, 2019
TraumaThe Canadian C-spine rule versus NEXUS: which is better?Nina HarversonNov 13, 2019
TraumaA critical appraisal of the ‘golden hour’Courtney HollisNov 13, 2019
TraumaCan paramedics easily be trained to use pre-hospital ultrasound for trauma assessment?Eden JepsonNov 13, 2019
TraumaParamedic ultrasound guided intravenous cannulation- A critically appraised topicZephyrha LoweNov 13, 2019
TraumaETCO2 monitoring in out of hospital traumatic brain injuries improves outcomesOlivia MatthewsNov 13, 2019
TraumaCritically Appraised Topic- Can paramedics safely reduce shoulder dislocations in the pre-hospital setting?Nikki SauerNov 13, 2019
TraumaDoes pre-hospital lactate score predict patient outcome in trauma.Nicholas AlcornNov 13, 2019
TraumaCritically Appraised Topic in TraumaJonathan Neil BarronNov 13, 2019
TraumaC-spine movement comparison of self-extrication versus device assisted extrication in motor vehicle accidentsMatthew BlowerNov 13, 2019
TraumaCritically Appraised Topic in TraumaCindal DuleyNov 13, 2019
TraumaDoes prehospital Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) improve patient outcomes in civilian populations?Kayla FreshwaterNov 13, 2019
TraumaTrauma and Environmental Conditions in Paramedic PracticeSteffan PatonNov 13, 2019
TraumaCritically Appraised Topic- Can paramedics safely reduce shoulder dislocations in the pre-hospital setting?Nikki SauerNov 13, 2019
TraumaDoes HEMS transport improve outcome in single system trauma injuries compared to ground transport?Abbey YoungNov 13, 2019
TraumaAdministration of TXA in the Prehospital SettingEric Knight, ACP OntarioMar 01, 2019
TraumaPre-hospital Pelvic Hemorrhage Control: Pelvic Binder Application vs. Extraperitoneal Pelvic PackingSamantha KissAug 27, 2018
TraumaPre-Hospital Wound Packing with a Hemostatic AgentMichal BarnardAug 27, 2018
TraumaPre-hospital Tourniquet Application in Life-threatening Extremity Trauma: Efficacy and Safety.Graham Garland. PCP, QL3 Med Tech.Nov 10, 2017
TraumaTherapeutic Hypothermia in patients experiencing Spinal Cord injuryAdam Droski, PCPSep 16, 2014
Traumatic Brain InjuryGround ALS prehospital RSI benefitACP Holland Hkula JDrygas JmertinMar 20, 2024
Traumatic Brain InjuryTo Collar or Not To Collar: The Use of Cervical Collars and the Impact on Intracranial PressureD Stein, E Chow, A Cutler, C Johnston, J Boyd ACPsMar 13, 2024
Traumatic Brain InjuryA Review of Current Literature that Examines the Intubation of Patients with Traumatic Brain InjuriesJIBC ACPs Oct 30/Nov 1 23Nov 27, 2023
Traumatic Brain InjuryMannitol or Hypertonic Saline for Treatment of TBI? Is hypertonic saline more effective at lowering ICP?Michelle Brown, CCPP StudentDec 07, 2021
Traumatic Brain InjuryPlasma Use in the Traumatic Brain Injury Patient: A Critically Appraised Topic in TraumaSummer De RuiterNov 29, 2021
Traumatic Brain InjuryCushing’s Reflex is an accurate predictor of mortality and morbiditySarah MenechianNov 29, 2021
WellbeingGallows Humor as a Coping MechanismMaddie Heggie, PCP Student, Fanshaw CollegeMar 28, 2022
WellbeingPatient and Paramedic Perceptions on Care Received during Mental Health CrisesHannah Higgins, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
WellbeingParamedic Preparedness for Delivering Death NotificationsMichelle Marko, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
WellbeingHuman Sex Trafficking- Recognizing The Signs: Education for ParamedicsRashma Manjra, PCP Student, FanshaweMar 11, 2021
WellbeingBurnout Levels in EMSCharity McCarthyApr 12, 2019
WellbeingEmpathy Levels of ParamedicsKane HillmanApr 12, 2019
WellbeingEffects of Occupational Stress on Fatigue in ParamedicsSandra RyniecApr 12, 2019

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