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Paramedic Mini-Cat Bank

After forming a clinical query & evaluating the relevant evidence, learners from the Paramedic-Evidence Based Practice Course write a CAT - a Critically Appraised Topic. Mini-CATs are 1-2 page concise synopses on paramedic care. A second party appraiser partners with the author to evaluate the CAT. Their mini-CAT will become part of this Paramedic CAT bank. The CAT Bank is a learning resource for all paramedics to search and refer to. Paramedic mini-CATs are evidence-based clinical appraisals.

TopicTitleAuthorDate Added
Airway ManagementPrehospital Intubation Securing MethodsAlex Shaw ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Airway ManagementPre-hospital Rediatric Endotracheal IntubationLindsay McDonald, Resident;EMS rotationSep 23, 2013
Airway ManagementEffectiveness of Disposable ETCO2 Devices in Confirming Airway PlacementKirk SteevesSep 23, 2013
Airway ManagementParamedic-administered RSI for airway management in trauma patients.Lawrence Briand ACPSep 23, 2013
Airway ManagementThe impact of endotracheal tube holders in the pre-hospital setting on tube placement upon arrival at the ED.Ryan Brown PCP Nova ScotiaSep 15, 2009
Airway ManagementThe use of endotracheal intubation for prehospital patients with severe head injury.Alishia Ivany PCP Nova ScotiaMar 25, 2009
Airway ManagementImpact of single-use disposable versus metallic reusable laryngoscope blades on first attempt intubation in the adult respiratory arrest pre-hospital patientsFrancine Dillon ACP Nova ScotiaMar 18, 2009
AnalgesiaPhysical and mental recovery with prehospital administration of narcotic analgesia in patients suffering from fractures.Scott Hoyt, BA, ACPSep 16, 2014
AnalgesiaIn the prehospital patient population, does adjunctive use of low dose ketamine with a narcotic provide equal or better analgesia with an acceptable side effect profile?Nicholas Sowers, Resident EMS rotationSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaComparing the administration of Intranasal Fentanyl to the traditional standard of care, Intravenous Morphine.Robert A. Volpe BA, PCP(f), DHSA(Cand.)Sep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaDosage parameters for morphineStephen Leadlay ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaTreatment Options in Prehospital AnalgesiaStephen Leadlay ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaDelay in prehospital analgesia means longer delay in ER analgesiaStephen Leadlay ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaTylenol use for the Treatment of Febrile Adults by Triage Paramedics.Jen Greene ACPSep 23, 2013
AnalgesiaThe Use of Inhaled Methoxyflurane in the Prehospital SettingMatthew Morin PCPSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestMechanical CPR Devices.Adam Fisher, PCPSep 16, 2014
Cardiac ArrestDetermining the correct initial intervention: The relationship between early defibrillation and prolonged downtime for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (CA) patients.Mathieu Haché, ACPSep 16, 2014
Cardiac ArrestAddition of an Anti-Arrhythmic to Cardiac Arrest/Resuscitation SequenceJonathan Hesler ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Cardiac ArrestManual CPR Vs. Mechanical CPRMeghan Beals PCPJan 13, 2014
Cardiac ArrestDoes bystander CPR increase survival rates in sudden cardiac arrestJeff WaringSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestWaveform Capnography for ROSCMichel GravelSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestThe efficacy of mechanical compression devices versus standard CPR in the pre-hospital settingKaren Lutz ACPSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestOutcomes of prehospital resuscitation of traumatic vs. medical cardiac arrest patientsMadeleine Böhrer PCPSep 23, 2013
Cardiac ArrestPrehospital Arrest Cooling MethodsJen Greene ACP Nova ScotiaAug 01, 2012
Cardiac ArrestPrecordial Thump in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OOHCA)Jan Jensen ACP Nova ScotiaMar 18, 2009
Cardiac CareAdenosine given to WPW patientsKyle Cunningham ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Cardiac CarePrehospital analgesia in the presence of suspected ACSStefan Zueff ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
Cardiac CarePre-hospital Management of Unstable Angina; Sub-lingual Nitro vs.IV Nitro.Bruce CruickshankSep 23, 2013
ChartingDoes EMS Charting Accuracy Improve with Electronic Reporting?Philip CrowellSep 23, 2013
DispatchEffectiveness of CPR instruction via Emergency Medical DispatchersJennifer RoseSep 23, 2013
EducationEvaluation utilizing “think aloud” strategiesLaura Cole ACPSep 23, 2013
EducationEfficacy of Online Leaarning of Procedural SkillsAmber Humes ACPSep 23, 2013
EENTWill the prehospital topical administration of injectable Tranexamic acid decrease time to hemostasis and reduce the occurrence of rebleeding in adult patients experiencing epistaxis?Zach Fitzsimmons PCPNov 22, 2017
EnvironmentalPrehospital Moderate Hypothermia Management with Simple Invasive Active Internal Rewarming.Holly Lidstone, PCPSep 16, 2014
Geriatric CareRisk of Falls in LTC secondary to MedicationsPeter Rose ACPSep 23, 2013
GITreating nausea in the pre‐hospital setting, Zofran vs. Gravol.Kendra MacKenzie, PCPSep 16, 2014
GIOndansetron wafers for the Treatment of Nausea by Paramedics in TriageJen Greene ACPSep 23, 2013
ImmobilizationIs the Kendrick Extrication Device making a difference in patient outcome ?Ray DeCock, ACPSep 16, 2014
ImmobilizationFormation of Pressure Ulcers in Patients that require Spinal Immobilization.Stephen Ryan, PCPSep 16, 2014
ImmobilizationScoop stretcher vs. Long backboard in patients with suspected spinal injury.Stephanie Camp, PCPSep 16, 2014
ImmobilizationUtility of Spinal Board Immobilization in Minor TraumaTyler Johnston, PGY4, FRCP EM ResidencySep 23, 2013
ImmobilizationUtility of Spinal Board Immobilization in Minor TraumaTyler Johnston, PGY4, FRCP EM ResidencySep 23, 2013
ImmobilizationComparison of scoop stretcher vs. backboard for immobilization of suspected hip fracturesLorne Pierce PCP (ACP student) Nova ScotiaNov 13, 2009
OverdoseSafety and Usefulness of Prehospital Narcan AdministrationHannah Archbutt: 2014 ACP studentJun 26, 2014
Pain ManagementDoes Fentanyl provide a safe and acceptable alternative to Morphine for prehospital analgesia?Jason Buckley PCP Nova ScotiaMar 24, 2009
PediatricPediatric Assessment and Diagnostic EquipmentMelissa Berry, ACPSep 16, 2014
PediatricUsing car seats as immobilization.Catherine Jotcham ACPSep 23, 2013
Pediatric IOPrehospital Use of Semiautomatic IO in the Pediatric PopulationNathalie Schindler Pediatric EM Resident, PGY 5Sep 23, 2013
PerinatalPerimortem Cesarean Sections – Effective?Pauline Heelan, ACPSep 23, 2013
PreventionPrehospital Power Cots.Brandon Brown, PCPSep 16, 2014
PreventionFatigue in EMSJan Jensen ACPSep 23, 2013
PreventionPreventing Injuries in ParamedicsAaron MunroSep 23, 2013
RespiratoryWill the prehospital administration of corticosteroids by Paramedics decrease hospital admission rates in the severely asthmatic adult patient?Zach Fitzsimmons PCPNov 10, 2017
RespiratoryFor moderate to severe asthmatic patients who receive steroids in the pre‐hospital setting versus those administered steroids in the hospital setting, have a shorter overall hospital stay.Mitchell Crossman ACPSep 23, 2013
SedationPrehospital sedation of violent patientsMicheal Monardo ACP student: 2014Jun 18, 2014
STEMI CareEffective Use of Thrombolytic Drug in Pre-Hospital EnvironmentJennifer BevanSep 23, 2013
STEMI CarePre-hospital administration of Plavix in STEMI PatientsRobert Leduc ACP OntarioNov 13, 2009
SystemsPre-hospital emergency response times and patient mortalityLee Dunne, PCPJun 26, 2014
TraumaPre-hospital Tourniquet Application in Life-threatening Extremity Trauma: Efficacy and Safety.Graham Garland. PCP, QL3 Med Tech.Nov 10, 2017
TraumaTherapeutic Hypothermia in patients experiencing Spinal Cord injuryAdam Droski, PCPSep 16, 2014

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